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Overview of programs and Services:
Palliative Care Association

What languages are your services offered in?:

Is your program designated as a hospice palliative care program/service?:

What population of hospice palliative care patients/clients does your program/service currently serve?:
All ages,

What are your admission/referral criteria?:

Your hospice palliative care program/service provides support and/or care for the following:
Emotional/Spiritual Support

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family? “What can you do for me?”:
We provide educational resources for health care professionals, caregivers familes and volunteers

What types of trained hospice palliative care team members are formally dedicated or are available ad hoc (upon request) to your program or service? What services and in what setting does your hospice palliative care program/service provide care: