Award of Excellence 

The award of excellence recognizes the outstanding national contribution of a CHPCA associate/affiliate who exemplifies professional and/or personal commitment and achievement in the field of hospice palliative care within Canada. 

Nancy Lefebre, 2023 CHPCA Award of Excellence winner

Award of Excellence 

Nancy Lefebre 2023 

Chief Clinical Executive and Senior Vice President of Knowledge and Practice, Saint Elizabeth Health Care. 

Jeroline Smith, 2019 CHPCA Award of Excellence winner

Award of Excellence 

Jeroline Smith 2019 

Nurse, consultant, and Elder at Peguis First Nations in Manitoba.

Brenda Hearson, 2015 CHPCA Award of Excellence winner

Award of Excellence 

Brenda Hearson 2015 

Advocate, motivator, and champion in the field of hospice palliative care.

2013 Mr. Paul Henteleff 

2012 Ms. Pat Porterfield 

2011 Dr. Mary Lou Kelly 

2010 Mr. Fred Nelson 

2009 Ms. Rose De Angelis 

2008 Ms. Dale Oychock 

2007 Dr. Bernard Lapointe 

2006 Dr. Mike Harlos 

2005 Dr. S. Lawrence Librach 

2004 Mr. Jerry Rothenstein 

2003 Ms. Andree Gauvin 

2002 Dr. Jose Periera 

2001 Ms. Laurie Anne O’Brien 

2000 Dr. Balfour Mount 

1999 Dr. Elizabeth Latimer 

1998 Ms. Helen Bateman 

1997 Dr. Ina Cummings 

Award Eligibility 

Nominee Criteria 

The nominee should be an exemplary CHPCA associate/affiliate whose excellence is devoted to hospice palliative care in Canada in either a paid or voluntary capacity.  

Preference is given to those who have made an impact at the national level and contributed to the mission of CHPCA by enhancing the quality of life for individuals and their loved ones who are facing a life-limiting illness. 

The award will be presented to only one individual each year. 

Award Spirit 



Committed to excellence 

Champion and friend 

Compassionate and knowledgeable 


2025 Nominations 

Nominations for the 2025 Award of Excellence will open in the winter of 2025. 

Submitted nominations must include:

  • The completed Nomination Form signed by the nominee. 
  • Two letters of support describing the nominee’s accomplishments, competencies and talents related to hospice palliative care. 
  • A current CV  
  • A recent photo  
  • Nominee must have been a CHPCA Associate/Provincial Member for the past year and maintain current CHPCA Associate/Provincial Member status 

Award Selection Committee

The award selection committee will be made up of the CHPCA National Committee and/or a designated regional alternate. 

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