CHPCA advocates for policies that ensure the best care for all people in Canada facing a life-limiting illness and their loved ones.  

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“At CHPCA, we see advocacy as the heartbeat of change. Our mission is to ensure every person and their given/chosen family have access to a palliative approach to care from diagnosis into bereavement.”

Laurel Gillespie, CEO, CHPCA  

What Does CHPCA Advocate For? 

Accessible and Comprehensive Care: We champion accessible and comprehensive hospice palliative care for every person in Canada facing a life-limiting illness, in the setting of their choosing. 

Framework and Action Plan Implementation: We advocate for the full funding and effective implementation of the Framework on Palliative Care (2018) and the Action Plan on Palliative Care (2019) to ensure consistent and high-quality care nationwide.

Adequate Resourcing: To meet the growing demand, CHPCA pushes for adequate resources for hospice palliative care organizations and teams, fostering continued growth and excellence in care provision.

Expanding Grief Support: CHPCA believes in enhancing grief and bereavement support services both within communities and hospice palliative care organizations.

Support for Caregivers: CHPCA’s advocacy extends to unpaid caregivers, calling for increased support, including accessible respite care, financial assistance, employment accommodations and protections, along with grief and bereavement support services.

Education and Training: CHPCA works towards establishing a standardized curriculum, ensuring that healthcare and community care workers receive comprehensive education and training in basic palliative care competencies.

International Advocacy: CHPCA supports advocacy efforts to increase support and awareness of palliative care on the international stage led by the World Hospice Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) and the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC).

Advocacy Milestones 

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Dedicated membership in the Palliative Care Coalition of Canada (PCCC) 

A coalition of over 30 national organizations committed to improving palliative care nationwide. This involvement reflects our advocacy for a well-funded, sustainable national strategy for palliative care. 

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Endorsement of the Consensus-based definition of hospice palliative care 

Developed by the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC), this endorsement underscores CHPCA’s commitment to global standards in palliative care. 


Establishment of the Canadian Compassionate Companies (CCC) certification 

Signals to the public, partners, and employees that certified companies prioritize a compassionate work environment, particularly for employee caregivers and those experiencing grief. 

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Breakfast On Parliament Hill in Honour of National Grief & Bereavement Day 2023 

This event heightened grief awareness among parliamentarians, government officials, health system leaders, patient advocates, and the community-at-large. The gathering celebrated progress and fostered meaningful conversations on improving grief literacy. 

Directory of Services Review (Spring 2022)  

Prepared by CHPCA with support from the Canadian Cancer Society, this report provides updated information on dedicated in-patient hospice palliative care (HPC) bed counts in hospice residence programs.  

Advocacy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, CHPCA advocated for more compassionate visitation protocols and hosted the Saying Goodbye Concerts to honour and grieve loved ones who died.

Join Us! 

Everyone in Canada deserves holistic, compassionate, and person-centered care when they are faced with their own or a loved one’s life-limiting illness. Unfortunately, too few receive it. 

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Your Donations Matter

Your Donations Matter   

CHPCA relies on support from people who believe that no one should be left to suffer needlessly because palliative care isn’t available or is too hard to find.  Give today to make hospice palliative care more accessible for everyone.

Share Your Story 

We need your help to tell the real story of hospice palliative care in Canada.  

Help us show policymakers and health care leaders the impact of quality palliative care, or lack thereof, on families in Canada through your lived experience. 

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