Balfour Mount Champion Award 

In celebration and recognition of contributions from Canadian individuals, companies and/or organizations who through their actions advance CHPCA’s mission and mandate.

Doris Barwich, 2019 CHPCA Balfour Mount Champion Award winner.

Balfour Mount Champion Award 

Doris Barwich 2019 

In recognition of her commitment in advocating and advancing hospice palliative & end-of-life care in Canada 

Dr. Ina Cummings, 2015 CHPCA Balfour Mount Champion Award winner.

Balfour Mount Champion Award 

Dr. Ina Cummings 2015

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of hospice palliative care in Canada. 

Dr. Larry Librach, 2013, CHPCA Balfour Mount Champion Award winner.

Balfour Mount Champion Award 

Dr. Larry Librach 2013 

In recognition of his dedication to the education of palliative care and pain control. 

2012 Dr. Michael Downing 

2011 Dr. Neil MacDonald 

2010 Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada 

2008 Purdue Pharmacy 

2007 Dr. David Roy 

2006 Order of St. Lazarus 

Award Eligibility 

An individual, company and/or organization who through their actions advances hospice palliative care and end-of-life care awareness and advocacy in Canada. 

Emphasis will be placed on individuals, companies and/or organizations who operate either internally or externally from the traditional hospice palliative care field and affect an impact on a national level. 

The recipient must be a Canadian citizen or a company or organization that operates primarily in Canada. 

Award Information 

The Balfour Mount Champion Award was combined with the Leadership Award and the CHPCA Champion Award in 2009 and named after Dr. Balfour Mount, renowned Canadian physician and considered by many to be the father of palliative care in North America. 

Award Spirit: 

National Champion 

Committed to Excellence 


A Dedicated Leader 

Public Awareness 


2025 Nominations 

Nominations of the CHPCA Balfour Mount Champion Award are made by the CHPCA Board of Directors. Nominations from the general public are not accepted. 

Submitted nominations must include:

  • The completed Nomination Form. 
  • A recent photo  

Award Selection Committee

The award selection committee will be made up of the CHPCA National Committee and/or a designated regional alternate. 

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