Advance Care Planning Day 

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Canada is a collaborative initiative led by CHPCA. This initiative aims to help people living in Canada prepare for their future health and personal care.

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April 16th, 2025

Advance Care Planning Day 

Every year, ACP Canada hosts Advance Care Planning Day on April 16th to make sure everyone across the country understands why it is essential to plan for their health and personal care.

Next Advance Care Planning Day  | April 16th, 2025

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Who would you trust to make your healthcare decisions? 

Planning for your future healthcare needs is important. What would happen if you couldn’t decide for yourself? Who would you trust to make those healthcare decisions for you?  

Think about who you would trust with making those important decisions for you.  

Think about what matters most in your life and how that might help guide someone in making the kinds of healthcare decisions you would want.   

The best time to think about this is now when you can decide for yourself. We have useful guides to help you along the way.  

April 16th is Advance Care Planning Day. So, ask yourself: If not you, who?  

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Including how to participate.

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