Advance Care Planning Canada

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Canada is a collaborative initiative led by CHPCA. This initiative aims to help people living in Canada prepare for their future health and personal care.

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The ACP initiative involves a series of public education and awareness campaigns, support of community-based advance care planning programs, and promotion of ACP resources and guides.

Our purpose is to ensure the care people want is always the care people receive.

ACP Canada Programs

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Making ACP More Accessible 

The project aims to increase the accessibility of ACP information and resources so that everyone in Canada can actively participate in planning for their future health and personal care. 

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ACP Canada National Polls 

ACP Canada commissions National Polls to identify people’s current and changing attitudes and behaviours towards planning their future health and personal care.  

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ACP Day 

ACP Canada runs an annual ACP Day campaign on April 16th.  

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Advance Care Planning & Long-Term Care 

Residents of long-term care homes deserve care that reflects their values and wishes.  

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Advance Care Planning Pan-Canadian Framework 

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Advance Care Planning sets out a strategy that helps people move from thinking ACP is a good idea to actually having those important conversations. 

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Do you have questions about ACP Canada? 

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