Canadian Compassionate Companies 

The Canadian Compassionate Companies (CCC) certification is a trusted way for companies to demonstrate to the public, their partners, and to current and future employees, that they provide a compassionate work environment for their teams, particularly for employee caregivers and those experiencing grief.  

About the CCC Certification 

CCC certification represents your company’s commitment to embedding compassion into your organizational culture and your HR policies. It tells current and future employees that your company values them as people first, and that you understand that everybody wins when employers provide the right support for working caregivers. 

Employee caregivers, or working caregivers, are people who take on an unpaid caregiving role for someone with increased health needs, while remaining in the labour force.

35% of employed Canadians are also caregivers. Half of all employee caregivers are in their peak earning years – 45 to 65.

CCC Certification Benefits

Use and display of the CCC certification logo for your website, collateral and social media.  

Curated resources to support your company’s compassionate policies and programs.  

Recognition on the CHPCA website, annual report, and other communication vehicles. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Certification requires your company meet at least five of the following: 

An HR policy that endorses the Compassionate Care Benefit (CCB) and informs employees who may not be aware of it. 

Your employees’ jobs are protected while they access the CCB, and they are aware of this. 

Has a caregiver accommodation policy that allows for support and flexibility, within economic reason. 

Promotes Advance Care Planning using resources and tools available at or through your own materials. 

Provides sensitivity training around grief and bereavement, and actively encourages supported and compassionate discourse.  

Provides regular communications that disseminate resources regarding caregiving standards and best practices within the organization. 

Actively encourages staff volunteering individually, or as a compassionate group activity by providing a minimum of one paid day’s leave, annually 

Provides employees with income top-up benefits above the job protected family medical EI Benefits leave offered through the provinces and the Federal EI Program. 

How to Apply 

Complete our online application. 

Include relevant portions of your HR policies. 

Approval takes between 4-6 weeks.  

Once approved, proudly display the CCC certification badge. 

Certification is valid for two years. Companies who continue to meet certification criteria can renew. 


Business Pricing

0-99 employees:        $1000 

100-499 employees: $2,500 

500+ employees:       $5,000 

Non-Profit Pricing*

0-99 employees:        $200 

100-499 employees: $500 

500+ employees:       $1000  

*Includes government bodies, education institutions, and hospitals.  

Why your company needs to better support employee caregivers 

When an employee takes on the added responsibilities of being a caregiver, they may be forced to reduce their work hours, some may pass on job opportunities, or they might take a leave of absence. Over 1 in 20 working caregivers will leave their job, and 44% will miss days of work. 

This doesn’t just affect the individual employee – employers are feeling these effects as well.  Companies can face increased turnover, loss of skilled and experienced employees, and a productivity loss equivalent to 18 workdays per year. However, these are not costs companies need to bear. With more supportive, compassionate work environments and accommodating policies, your company can more effectively attract and retain top talent, especially among mid and late career professionals. That’s where the Canadian Compassionate Companies certification comes in.  

Certified Canadian Compassionate Companies 

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