Corporate Documents 

Explore CHPCA’s corporate documents to gain insight into our direction and focus, and to better understand our organizational structure. 

The front cover of the CHPCA 2023-2026 Strategic Plan report.


Strategic Plan 2023-2026 

Our three-year strategic plan is an overview of our core activities, organizational impact, and our strategic goals and objectives. 

Annual Reports 

The front cover of the CHPCA 2022-2023 Annual report.

Annual Report

2022-2023 Annual Report

The front cover of the CHPCA 2021-2022 Annual report.

Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report 

2020-2021 Annual Report 

2019-2020 Annual Report 

2018-2019 Annual Report 

2017-2018 Annual Report 

A circle with an open book in the middle of it.

CHPCA Bylaws 

The CHPCA bylaws serve as administrative guidelines, addressing various matters with a primary emphasis on governance and the execution of CHPCA’s responsibilities. 

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