Knowledge Translation of the Compassionate Care Benefit

The goal of the Knowledge Translation of the Compassionate Care Benefit is to increase family caregivers’ knowledge and use of Canada’s Compassionate Care Benefit (CCB). The CCB offers workers a temporary, paid leave from employment to support a family member or a friend at the end of life.

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Prior research and current low levels of use of the Benefit overwhelmingly point to the need to mobilize knowledge about the CCB.By engaging front-line health professionals, particularly palliative nurses and physicians, and providing them with relevant, user-friendly tools about the CCB, they can act as ‘information transmitters’ and pass on information about the CCB to their clients and their clients’ families. This will have a potentially large impact on CCB uptake, which will in turn strengthen the health of family caregivers. Preventing morbidity and enhancing the health of family caregivers engaged in palliative/end-of-life (P/EoL) care is a critically important issue due to population aging and increased pressure to provide care in the home.

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We are currently in the final research stages. Tools will be available on the CHPCA marketplace as of April 2012