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Inside the 2023 CHPCA Conference: CHPCA Staff Reflect Part 1

What happens when you gather over 400 passionate, innovative, thoughtful, and dedicated hospice palliative care professionals and volunteers from across the country to share and learn together? We got to find out at the 2023 CHPCA Conference in October! Throughout the conference, CHPCA challenged participants to be a part of the Palliative Revolution, to innovate and explore new paradigms, to challenge their preconceived beliefs, and to connect with their peers. The response and energy everyone showed knocked our socks off! From speakers, to panelists, to volunteers, everyone at the conference took on the challenge with zeal. Now that the conference is wrapped up, the CHPCA team wanted to join the fun and share what they learned from the experience. Here’s what we took away from the occasion: Cheryl CHPCA’s very own Conference-planner extraordinaire! At the 2023 Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Conference, I had the privilege of witnessing an incredible gathering that offered so many invaluable insights. Here are my key takeaways: The conference’s remarkable ability to bring together over 400 individuals from across Canada, representing nearly all the provinces and territories, and even some international locales, highlighted the strength of a united palliative care community. Experts and newcomers with
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