University of British Colombia: Nav-CARE

Nav-CARE (
Navigation-Connecting, Accessing, Resourcing, and Engaging) is a volunteer navigation program that seeks to improve the quality of life of persons living with declining health and is currently being implemented across Canada. 

The program was developed from research conducted in rural palliative care by Dr. Barbara Pesut (University of British Columbia) and Dr. Wendy Duggleby (University of Alberta). Through their research, they discovered that rural older persons living at home were not receiving the support that they needed, particularly when they were living in the transition between chronic illness and palliative care. They also discovered that there were many resources in rural communities that few people knew about. Some of the greatest barriers for volunteers were the lack of opportunities to become connected to older persons who needed help. This led to the development of Nav-CARE. 


Nav-CARE Website

Shining a Light on Nav-CARE Volunteers 

Navigating Palliative Care within Indigenous Communities through Storytelling and Empathy 

The Importance of Hospice Palliative Care Supports in Rural Communities   

National Children’s Hospice Palliative Care Day: Supporting Caregivers through Nav-CARE

Recording of the webinar hosted by CHPCA and presented by the Nav-CARE team & four representatives from Nav-CARE hubs located in urban and rural areas across Canada. The webinar was presented on November 24, 2021.