Wilfrid Laurier University: Quality Indicators

Quality indicators are an integral part of health care that allow for a standardized, evidence-based measure of quality. These indicators can be used in palliative care to measure and track clinical performance and outcomes, and ultimately help achieve quality hospice palliative care for all Canadians.

Dawn Guthrie’s research mainly focuses on understanding the needs and abilities of older adults with disabilities, and their caregivers, including individuals receiving home care services, palliative care and adults with sensory impairments. Her research typically involves analysis of large datasets to explore how individuals are functioning in their daily lives, where they are experiencing impairments and difficulties, their use of the health care system and methods to evaluate the care received. Guthrie also use these datasets to create computerized outputs to assist health professionals, and decision-makers, when determining the needs of individuals, and their caregivers, and also to evaluate the quality of health care being provided.

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