CSA Carer-Inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Standard

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association is proud to announce its latest Knowledge translation project “CSA Carer-Inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Standard”. The Carer-Inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Workplace Standard (B701-17) and the Helping Worker-Carers in your Organization Implementation Guide (B701HB-18) helps employers create practical and effective workplace accommodations that address the stigma and challenges of worker-carers.

The project introduces four steps for health and home care organizations to leverage their current HR practices and create a carer-inclusive culture. The four steps are:
1. Review current HR policies and practices
2. Engage senior leaders as champions
3. Co-design with employees
4. Communicate and raise awareness.

See the Carer-Inclusive Standard for Workplaces: B701-F17 – Carer-inclusive and accommodating organizations
English Standard | French Standard

And the accompanying Implementation Guide: B701HB-18 – Helping worker-carers in your organization
English Guide | French Guide

Additional Tools

  1. Quick Start Implementation guide: Carer-Friendly Workplace Standard
    English Standard | French Standard
  2. A Solution for Employers – A New Workplace Standard and Implementation Guide – (Carers Canada) (English)

  3. Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Policies: Innovative Solutions for the Workplace (English)

  4. Supporting Carer-Workers: 5-Point Checklist for Carer-Employees (English)

  5. Supporting Carer-Workers: Checklist For Employers (English)

  6. The CSA Carer-inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Standard: Helping Carer-Workers Balance Caregiving and Paid Work (from the 2020 CHPCA Learning Institute)