Ms. Dale Orychock

The CHPCA was pleased to present Ms. Dale Orychock with the 2008 Award of Excellence in Hospice Palliative Care.

Ms. Orychock has been a leader in hospice palliative care since 1989, first as a nurse, then coordinator, and finally Director of Palliative Care with the Cape Breton District Health Authority.

Ms. Orychock boasts long lists of accomplishments, among them are:

  • Dale has worked as a leader in the clinical field of palliative care, starting as a palliative care nurse, then becoming the Coordinator and finally the Director of Palliative Care for the Cape Breton District Health Authority
  • She has influenced the development of three university level educational programs for both nurses and physicians
  • She has worked in the area of both pediatric and adult palliative care
  • Ms. Orychock is also active on the public policy and planning front, known by her peers to be a passionate advocate

The members of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association are honoured to recognize the significant contribution Ms. Dale Orychock has made to advancing hospice palliative care services in Canada.