Balfour Mount Champion Award

Note: The Balfour Mount Champion Award is an amalgamation of the former Balfour Mount Leadership Award and the CHPCA Champion Award. The amalgamation was recommended by the CHPCA Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors on April 25, 2009.


-In celebration and recognition of contributions from Canadian individuals, companies and/or organizations who through their actions advance the mission and mandate of the CHPCA;

-To publicly communicate and highlight the work and efforts of these individuals, companies and/or organizations who operate either internally or externally from the traditional hospice palliative care field.


Past Award Recipients

Award Eligibility

The nominated individual, company or organization has fulfilled the following criteria:

-Shows the qualities of being a national champion for hospice palliative care by engaging in collaboration and partnerships, influencing change, networking, and/or storytelling and communications efforts and initiatives.

-Contributes to the advancement of hospice palliative care by demonstrating clear, compelling goals toward improving access, awareness, or leading advancements in hospice palliative care through the creation of innovative programs, and contributions to goals and standards for hospice palliative care.

-Demonstrates knowledge in hospice palliative care in a way that promotes programs and services, research, education, and/or knowledge translation through education, innovation, and publishing.

-Is a leader in hospice palliative care by demonstrating characteristics of being a role model, guiding, training, educating, and mentoring, and/or representing palliative care nationally.

-Engages in public awareness activities and initiatives that promote hospice palliative care nationally and advance public policy.

-Is a Canadian citizen or a company or organization that operates primarily in Canada.

Award Spirit:

-National Champion

-Committed to Excellence


-A Dedicated Leader

-Public Awareness


-Recipients of the CHPCA Champion Award are selected by the CHPCA Board of Directors.  Nominations from the general public are not accepted.

-The Awards Committee oversees the call for nominations and selection process.

-The recipient of the Balfour Mount Champion Award must meet the selection criteria as determined by the CHPCA Board of Directors. The award will be determined based on a scoring criterion and it is possible that the award may not be granted in every year.  The award will be given to only one individual, and/or one company/organization each year.


Award Selection Committee:

The award selection committee will comprise of the CHPCA National Communications Committee and or a designated regional alternate.

Selection Committee Role:

-To review all nominations within a designated time frame

-To objectively evaluate and score each nomination according to the agreed upon evaluation criteria.

-To discuss, debate, and build consensus around the annual Award recipient via scheduled meetings/teleconference discussions

-To inform the CHPCA Executive Committee of the decision

-To develop and implement communications materials to leverage the Award recipient announcement, which will coincide with the CHPCA Conference

-To ensure the Award is prepared and presented

-To leverage and communicate the Award announcement with key audiences, including local media, CHPCA members and stakeholders.