If you are a health care provider with an interest in palliative care, CHPCA offers you resources to inspire you to deliver exceptional palliative care services and help better serve your own patients’ palliative care needs.

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Position Statement on Hospice Palliative Care and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

In June 2016, the Federal Government enacted Bill C-14 legalizing assisted death under certain circumstances and adopted the term ‘medical assistance in dying’. As implemented in Bill C-14 (2018) medical assistance in dying includes both euthanasia (“the administering by a physician or nurse practitioner of a substance to a person, at their request, that causes […]

Caregivers in Challenging Times A booklet by Arbor Memorial

Amid the pandemic crisis, essential front-line workers such as doctors and health care workers, staff in long term care facilities, supermarket and pharmacy staff, cleaners and delivery drivers, funeral d rectors and other essential services are stepping up to help their fellow Canadians. They do so even while exposing themselves to the risk of infection and the […]