Caregivers in Challenging Times A booklet by Arbor Memorial

Amid the pandemic crisis, essential front-line workers such as doctors and health care workers, staff in long term care facilities, supermarket and pharmacy staff, cleaners and delivery drivers, funeral d rectors and other essential services are stepping up to help their fellow Canadians. They do so even while exposing themselves to the risk of infection and the realization that even something as mundane as going to work has become “SCARY!” That is why they are heroes. And many citizens are recognizing this by horn-honking, proclaiming “Heroes work here”. Some supply free food and coffee, and many other acknowledgments of the selfless sacrifices that are being made by so many for the sake of others.

Arbor Memorial has published a booklet about caregivers in challenging times. The guide is intended to provide some coping strategies for people on the front line. It will identify some of the challenges caregivers face, and offer some practical strategies to help others and to help ourselves.

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