Caregivers at Work – What Do you Know?

Caregivers at Work Quiz

Check your knowledge! 

The purpose of this short quiz is to see what you know about caregiving in Canada and the impact that providing unpaid care has on a person’s employment. These results will not be shared with anyone, this is an exercise to help you test your knowledge.

How many caregivers are there in Canada?
How many caregivers are simultaneously employed while performing unpaid caregiving?
In Canada, who is generally responsible for providing the majority of care for those in old age (eldercare)?
In 2021-2022, who were caregivers most commonly caring for?
By the year 2030, the number of Canadians needing care will…
True or False: Caregivers are more likely to report poorer health outcomes than non-caregivers.
True or False: Caregivers tend to struggle more with their work than non-caregivers.
True or False: Caregivers are entitled to benefits provided by the federal government if or when they provide care to family or friends.
True or False: Most unpaid caregivers self-identify as a caregiver.