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The Gift of a Challenge

Stepping into the unknown. It’s the hardest thing to do for most people. After all, humans are wired to seek familiarity; avoid the unknown. Anxiety is perhaps an out-of-date evolutionary mechanism that has kept us safe from threat. Although challenge is difficult, the grit required to push through fear and anxiety can drive unanticipated opportunity. […]

Saint Elizabeth Foundation Marks National Palliative Care Week with Gift to Hospices

Conversations about death, dying, grief and loss are overwhelming – but the Saint Elizabeth Foundation was pleased to offer a community-based grief support to hospices across the country in recognition and celebration of National Palliative Care Week this past May. The Reflection Room® project is an evidence-based, participatory art installation that supports people in talking […]

A Caregiver’s lament

Fear is that I’m not doing enough for you and that in some way I am letting you down  Grief is that I watch you fade away right in front of me and I want to grab onto every moment while we can  Patience is listening to you repeat the same demands over and over […]

Freedom Reins gives solace to grieving children at Chilliwack Hospice Society camp

Chilliwack Hospice Society, in partnership with Freedom Reins Equine Connections, hosted their annual day of children’s grief activities on Saturday, June 24. Organized by Child and Youth Program manager Franceska Hills, children and their grownups participated in horseback riding, grooming, creative arts, and time for reflection as part of this special day for group grief […]

Palliative care with compassion

Excerpt from the 2023 Revised Edition of There’s No Place Like Home  There is a remarkable difference in the quality of care in a nursing home and a palliative care centre. Naturally, fewer residents and specialized end-of-life care by professionals are key factors.  My mother passed away at the May Court Hospice in Ottawa, where […]