Yukon Palliative Care Resource Team

Through education, consultation and health-system navigation, our team provides supports and resources to:

  • health care providers;
  • Yukoners living with a life-threatening illness;
  • those who are approaching end of life;
  • family members; and caregivers.

We’re here to:

  • help you navigate the health care system to best support your needs;
  • provide palliative care education to support health care professionals;
  • and support care providers with: best practice information; assessment tools; and clinical advice.

While the team does not coordinate primary care, we do assist existing care providers or help link people to the right services.

We offer the following educational opportunities to health care providers:

  • essentials in palliative care for registered and non-registered health care professionals;
  • Pallium learning essential approaches in palliative care (LEAP) course;
  • self-study courses;
  • online modules;
  • public education sessions, including sessions on advance care planning and dementia care;
  • and tailored sessions upon request.

Palliative care resources We offer resources to health care providers, patients with a palliative diagnosis, family members, and caregivers.