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Job Advertisement Package

With every post you will receive: 

  • a post on the CHPCA Job Board,
  • one post every two weeks on each of CHPCA’s social media platforms until the position’s closing date,
  • distribution in one CHPCAs eblast,

Package Prices

NGO Associate/Affiliate:
Full Job/Event Package – $250

NGO Non-Associate/Affiliate:
Full Job/Event Package – $400

Full Job/Event Package – $800

CHPCA Distribution
Users/Week: 2,500+

Social Media
LinkedIn: 2,200+ Followers
Facebook: 5,600+ Followers
Twitter: 4,600+ Followers
Instagram: 900+ Followers

Email Distribution List
English: 6,900+ Contacts
French: 900+ Contacts

For more information please contact us at [email protected]

Please note:
The prices above are not taxable. Net prices quoted. All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.
To benefit from the Non-Profit rate your organization must have a valid CRA registered charity number.
All content subject to approval by CHPCA