Marketplace is now permanently closed. We apologize for the inconvenience – contact [email protected] for any questions.

Shipping & Return Policy

  1. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for shipping.
  2. Cancelled orders are subject to a cancellation fee of $10 or the cost of the online payment transaction fee (whichever is greater)
  3. To ensure the accuracy of selection, cost and shipping/handling charges, all shipped orders are to be placed through our online Marketplace.
  4. All Marketplace orders are shipped via Canada Post Expedited mail. Orders that are returned to the CHPCA because they are unclaimed at a postal/courier outlet, or where an incorrect address has been provided to the CHPCA will be deemed the responsibility of the purchaser. To reship order, payment arrangements must be coordinated with the CHPCA.