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CHPCA’s National Bereavement Day 2018 Report – English

November 20, 2018 will mark the second National Bereavement Day in Canada. The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) invites all Canadians to reflect on the importance of relationships past and present, to think about those who have passed from our lives, and to help advocate for support at the provincial and national levels for grieving Canadians.

This year’s theme is “grief and bereavement is a part of life.” The 2018 digital campaign aims to encourage individuals and groups to learn about grief and bereavement; this year CHPCA is also challenging all Canadians to talk to their friends, family, and co-workers about their grief and bereavement experiences.

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Throughout the month of November, culminating on November 20, CHPCA would like to help promote resources and tools to help Canadians throughout their grief journeys – for those dealing with grief, bereavement, anticipatory grief, ambiguous grief, and chronic sorrow.

As a society, we are so focused on prolonging life and curing illness that very little thought is given to what happens at the end of our journeys – including to those who are left behind. CHPCA would like to help bring this discussion to the forefront of Canadians’ minds, and allow time to grieve, to remember, and to heal. CHPCA wants to normalize the idea that grief and bereavement is a part of life, and challenge Canadians to ask each other about their grief and to share their stories. We all handle bereavement and grief differently, and helping Canadians understand that would go a long way to improving the ends of one’s life for dying Canadians, their family caregivers and other loved ones.

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What can you do?

  • Send us your resources! What do you do to support the bereavement process?
  • Share your stories on social media! Challenge Canadians to ask each other about their grief and bereavement, and share their stories. Don’t forget to tag CHPCA on Facebook (CanadianHospicePalliativeCare) and Twitter (@CanadianHPCAssn) and use the hashtag #GriefDay18.
  • Plan a work or community awareness event – help educate your volunteers, staff, co-workers, friends, family etc., or help others honour their loved ones at the ends of one’s life or after death. e.g. Luminary creation, lunch and learns, etc.
  • Write and submit articles to local newspapers or create online posts for your own websites about grief and bereavement day and what it means to you.
  • Write Op-Ed pieces from your organizations to submit to national newspapers
  • Submit articles to ehospice – [email protected]
  • Donate: CHPCA is advocating 365 days a year for strong national Hospice Palliative Care policy to serve all Canadians. You can help make our voice stronger by making a donation of any amount at  or by donating to your local hospice or palliative care program.
  • Write or meet with your MPP or MP using one of the template letters available at asking for more support for caregivers following the death of their loved one through an expanded Compassionate Care Benefit.

2018 Bereavement Day Resources:

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