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*OUR SHARED JOURNEY – A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep

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Our Shared Journey – A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep by Mary Francis

A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep


  • Do you get so tired & stressed that you don’t have any energy to care about life?
  • Do you keep busy so that you’re exhausted at bed time and yet still can’t sleep?
  • Do you huddle in bed watching the night slip into the morning?
  • Is your heart overflowing with emptiness and you can’t find peace?


A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep ( # 2 in series) – 40 page guide on how to handle your stress and the loss of sleep that mentally and physically blocks you from a healthy life. You need sleep to manage all the hills and valleys you will encounter on your life’s journey.


Product Description:

This guide will help you recognize the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and provide you with the skills needed to manage that stress so that you can get the sleep you need.

When we go to bed most of us go with our minds full of “what if’s” or “why did I…” or “what do I have to do tomorrow.” This type of agitation ignites the stress that keeps us from the deeper levels of restorative sleep that we need.

We all experience stress and a certain level of stress is beneficial as it causes us to take action, but too much stress can lead to lack of sleep which affects not only your happiness but also your relationships with others. This guide is packed full of tips, resources, advice and information. It is truly a guide to help you understand why “Stress Is Stealing Your Sleep”.