CHPCA Releases Updated National Framework for Advance Care Planning Canada

November 17, 2021

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Canada initiative, led by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) has released an  This new Framework includes an updated plan for implementation of ACP in Canada.

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The 2019 Pan-Canadian Framework builds on the legacy of the 2012 National Framework and its influence on new developments and accomplishments. The new framework is restructured to focus more on broadening partnerships, and promoting further collaboration among different jurisdictions (local, provincial/territorial, national) and systems (health, law, social services, life planning). Its development was funded by Health Canada as part of a $1.9 million project over three years to help people living in Canada prepare for their future health care needs.

“Advance Care Planning is a normal part of the life journey” says Laurel L. Gillespie, Director of Advance Care Planning in Canada, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association “making an Advance Care Plan is about thinking how our health and personal care can fit with our personal values, preferences and our unique situation. The care Canadians receive should reflect their wishes and if they can’t speak for themselves, their Substitute Decision Maker can speak on their behalf.”

The first version of the National Advance Care Planning Framework was created in 2012, and it had an extremely positive impact. Policy makers and health care organizations and providers in all provinces and territories used the framework to raise awareness of the importance of ACP and make it an integral part of good quality care.

Speak Up instigated a national consultation process to update the National Framework. The consultation process began with a Strategic Planning meeting to invite feedback and revision. Next, four teleconference sessions were held to review the four main action pillars of the 2012 framework: Engagement, Infrastructure, Education, and Quality Improvement. In addition, three more sessions were conducted to discuss national, provincial/territorial, and regional perspectives.

The updated Framework reframes the four main actions pillars as interconnected activities that have the potential to normalize, support, and promote ACP in Canada. These ACP activities, in turn, can be integrated with other life planning that people do, such as financial planning and estate planning, to create a kind of safety net for people throughout their lives.

The National 2019 Framework and many other helpful resources and tools for patients, families and health care providers are available on Advance Care Planning resource library at

The national ‘Speak Up’ Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Canada initiative is led by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) with a financial contribution from Health Canada. The initiative aims to help people living in Canada prepare for their future and personal health care. The project involves a series of public awareness campaigns, supports community-based ACP programs, and promotes ACP resources and guides.

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