Hike Site of the Month: Beth Donovan Hospice

The Beth Donovan Hospice is gearing up for the second year of Hike for Hospice. In their first year, over 200 Hikers participated in the walk, raising more than $9,450. Sue Walker shares some of Beth Donovan Hospice’s tips on having a successful Hike:

“Focus on your participants and encourage them with weekly tips to raise more pledges. Secure walk teams from local businesses and encourage friendly competition between teams to raise the most funds. Offer your sponsors exposure at the event, opportunities to speak and/or put up displays.”

She emphasizes that the most important part of the Hike for Hospice Palliative Care is community.

“The Hike is a great opportunity to connect to the community and educate them about the services hospice has to offer. This is also a great opportunity to recruit new volunteers and to engage the media in our cause.”

Click here to find out more about Beth Donovan Hospice http://www.bethdonovanhospice.ca/