Grief on the frontlines: Fostering healthy grief in ourselves and those who we support (July 7, 2022)

The human experiences of grief and heartbreak are always difficult ones yet additional challenges come with navigating grief in a society that struggles with both mortality and emotional expression. Supporting the profound grief of individuals and families who are experiencing a serious diagnosis, or a death can stretch even the most skilled professionals regardless of discipline. The goal of grief is not to land at acceptance or “get over it” but rather to integrate it into one’s life in the healthiest way possible. However, navigating grief in a pandemic, a new experience for us all, has created even more barriers to a healthy grief process.

This webinar, which is tailored to those working in health care but also applicable to those working in other environments, will identify common myths and misconceptions about grief as well as touch on current theoretical approaches on grief and bereavement. We will also share resources and practical strategies for supporting a healthy grief process not only in those who we support, but also in ourselves.

Join Lisa Robinson for this half-day virtual training and explore:

  • Common myths and misconceptions about grief
  • Current theoretical approaches to grief and bereavement
  • Practical strategies for supporting a healthy grief process not only in those who we support, but also in ourselves
  • Web and literary grief-specific resources

Lisa Robinson is a registered social worker who focuses her professional and creative energy on supporting children, youth, and adults through tough situations. In addition to working as a grief therapist at Andrea Warnick Consulting, she is also a cancer support group facilitator at Gilda’s Club. Lisa has over 10 years of experience working with children and families affected by life-threatening illnesses.

Registration fee: $80 ($72 with code CHPCA10)
Online registration: