Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association 2023 Membership Draw (January 31, 2022)

The Canadian Palliative Care Nursing Association (CPCNA) is a not-for-profit nursing organization launched in January 2021. The CPCNA is dedicated to improving palliative care across Canada through nursing education, advocacy, collaborative partnerships and research.

Our purpose is to provide a national platform in which to enhance palliative care in Canada by:

  1. Promoting and providing palliative care nursing education
  2. Developing national standards of palliative care nursing practice
  3. Defining, evaluating, and revising core clinical competencies for palliative care nurses;
  4. Promoting equitable access to palliative care for all people living in Canada 2. Providing information to support and educate public awareness and understanding of palliative care and advanced care planning;
  5. Providing educational opportunities to our collaborative partners in health care, as well as other community and government groups. about the practice of palliative care nursing;
  6. Collaborating with national stakeholders to improve palliative care access and quality of life; and
  7. Supporting research in the field of palliative care.

For 2022 — Join by January 31, 2022 and have your name in a draw for one of five free Memberships for 2023


Memberships are available for practicing nurses, retired or inactive nurses, and for students. Information about each of these is available at

Become a member of the CPCNA and:

  • keep current and involved with what is happening in palliative care in Canada;
  • have access to select monthly exclusive CPCNA webinars for free;
  • Get involved on national committees to support palliative care with a national lens;
  • Get to know palliative care nursing colleagues across Canada;
  • attend CPCNA conferences at a discount rate; and
  • have a voice in voting with the Association.

Join CPCNA and find your professional palliative nursing home with a place to grow, contribute and make a difference. Learn more about us at