Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association proud to announce partnership with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) is proud to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC). The CASC has worked closely with the CHPCA over the years on many important initiatives in regards to spiritual care for end-of-life care. In October 2013, the CASC and the CHPCA completed How Spiritual Care Practitioners Provide Care In Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Settings: Recommended Advanced Practice Guidelines and Commentary. In 2014, the partners intend to further this by co-hosting accredited educational webinars for spiritual care professionals.

“We are thrilled to continue our work with the CASC through this formal partnership,” said Sharon Baxter, Executive Director of the CHPCA. “Together we will encourage spiritual care providers to continue to play an integral role in interdisciplinary end-of-life care.”

Further to the partnership with the CHPCA, both organizations also serve as members of the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada, and will continue to advocate together to ensure that all Canadians have access to quality end-of-life care, and that spiritual care providers are educated and equipped to handle these sensitive issues.

“The CASC spiritual advisors group to the CHPCA has played an integral role in advancing spiritual care within end-of-life care in Canada. Through this partnership we ensure that standards are followed and that spiritual care professionals are included in this critical dialogue,” added Douglas Kellough, President of the CASC.

The CASC is a national multi-faith organization committed to the professional education, certification and support of people involved in spiritual care, pastoral counselling, education and research. The CASC provides educational programs for interested persons who are preparing to become professional providers of Spiritual Care and Pastoral Counselling in a variety of institutional and community settings such as health care, corrections, education and private practice.


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