CHPC Nurses Group


Jeanne Weis

The CHPCA is pleased to provide a virtual space for professional HPC nurses to share ideas, concerns, proposals, assessment tools, effective interventions, educational opportunities, etc. with other nurses across the country working in hospice palliative care. This is not a real time chat line, but a place to post messages and receive replies.

Any registered nurse (RN) or nurse practitioner (NP) in Canada is welcome to join the CHPC Nurses Group as a regular member. Additionally, any licensed or registered practical nurse (LPN, RPN) in Canada is also invited to join the CHPC NG as an associate member, and thereby enjoy access to the benefits and professional networking opportunities available to all NG members.

Membership with the CHPC Nurses Group includes full participation in the CHPC NG Message Board, access to the clinical and programming archives from HPC programs across Canada, and the benefits associated with networking and continuing professional development opportunities for all Canadian HPC nurses.

Membership with the CHPC Nurses Group includes access and participation in the Message Board and is available when you become a Provincial (Individual) Member / CHPCA Associate. A $40 additional fee is required for membership with the CHPC Nurses Group.

How to Become a CHPC NG Member

After consultation with Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Nurse Group (CHPC NG) members regarding their experience with the joint CHPC NG/provincial organization membership process, the decision has been taken to centralize that process using the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) website to manage the CHPC NG memberships. In support of the change in our membership process, the NG executive would like you to know:

The NG membership will be processed through the CHPCA website rather than your provincial organization. Click on the text below to fill out the CHPCA Mebership form:

Membership in the NG is predicated on being a CHPCA Associate / Individual Provincial Member.You must be a current CHPCA Associate / Individual Provincial Member at the time of renewing your NG membership. If you are not a CHPCA Associate / Individual Provincial Member at the time of signing up for a CHPC NG membership, your CHPC NG membership will not be processed. Sign up to become or renew your CHPC NG membership status by going here:
The membership fee for Provincial Association’s varies from Province to Province. The membership fee for the CHPC NG is: $40.00

Note to Members:

The membership year is April 1st – March 31st. CHPC NG memberships will not operate on a pro-rata basis. Members signing up, or renewing after April 1st, will be charged a full year membership, expiring on March 31st of the subsequent year.

CHPCA Associate / Provincial (Individual) Memberships must be renewed at their regular renewal date.