Corporate Champion Registration

Become a Corporate Champion!

What is a Corporate Champion?

Corporate Champions are a group of International and Canadian companies who wish to participate in and contribute to the discussion of hospice palliative care and caregiving issues in Canada. 

Benefits of Being a Corporate Champion?

Some of the many great benefits of being a Corporate Champion include:

  • Receive all CHPCA communications including our CHPCA AVISO newsletter, CHPCA monthly updates, E-Hospice updates, and other important communication releases from the CHPCA on current relevant issues in hospice palliative care.
  • Support the ongoing development of the hospice palliative care movement in Canada
  • Be kept up-to-date on current research findings
  • Be kept informed of any relevant information pertaining to caregivers, including but not limited to information about the Compassionate Care Benefits
  • Help to champion the cause of better support for Canadian employees who are acting as caregivers.

Who can join as a Corporate Champion?

  • Canadian Companies
  • International Companies
  • Clubs or organizations with an interest in palliative care but who do not provide direct hospice palliative care programs or services
  • City/Municipal/Township, etc., offices.
  • Any group or organization that doesn’t provide hospice palliative care programming or services

Are you applying to be a Canadian Compassionate Company (CCC)?  If so, all CCC recipients must be Corporate Champions.

If you want to learn more about the Canadian Compassionate Company Program, please visit our website here: