Become a CHPCA Associate or Affiliate / Provincial Member

Associates and Affiliates are individuals or groups that have joined the CHPCA in conjunction with their province’s association to become joint provincial members and CHPCA Associates or Affiliates.

Associates (individuals) and Affiliates (groups) are given access to exclusive content produced by the CHPCA and provincial associations including campaigns materials, questionnaires, Aviso, conference discounts, and other relevant information and benefits. They are also often consulted when seeking guidance about issues pertaining to hospice palliative care on a provincial or national level. CHPCA Associates and Affiliates have a fundamental role in directing the activities of the Association.

For residents of Canada, classifications and fee structure for the CHPCA are dependent upon your province or territory of residence. Becoming an Associate or an Affiliate with the CHPCA automatically includes membership with your corresponding Provincial Association, except where noted. Associate and Affiliate status is also open to persons or groups living outside of Canada. For further information or to become an associate or affiliate of the CHPCA, please follow the instructions below.

Benefits of Becoming a CHPCA Associate or Affiliate and a Provincial Member


Joint associate or affiliate status and provincial membership significantly enhances the overall legitimacy of the hospice palliative care movement in Canada.

Credibility in numbers

The larger the associate or affiliate status & provincial membership base the more effective Associations are in many aspects of their mandates, i.e. awareness raising, fundraising, program development and national standards.


Joint associate or affiliate status & provincial membership allows for the pooling of resources to further the overall mandate and support the development and implementation of programs/services across the country. Pooling of resources also minimizes duplication.


Joint associate or affiliate status & provincial membership helps ensure that knowledge, programs, services and expertise are portable across the country.


Joint associate or affiliate status & provincial membership provides access to information, expertise and colleagues all across the country.

How to Become a CHPCA Associate or Affiliate / Provincial Member

To become a CHPCA Associate or Affiliate, please contact your provincial hospice palliative care association. All members of provincial associations also become CHPCA Associates or Affiliates and receive all the associated benefits.


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