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A Declaration of Family Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities Affirms the Role of Family Caregivers as an Essential Component of Care

In response to inconsistent and in some cases extreme restrictions on end-of-life visitations across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, Caregivers4Change in collaboration with Plan Well Guide and numerous provincial and national organizations, to release a Declaration of Family Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities affirming that family caregivers are more than just visitors. The Declaration calls upon all Canadians to adopt and promote caregivers’ rights and responsibilities designed to realize, maintain, and strengthen the role of family caregivers as an essential component of a caring and compassionate society.

Caregivers4Change invites Canadians to sign this petition supporting the Declaration and use the hashtag #NotJustAVisitor on social media to advocate for the adoption of the rights in the Declaration. For more information, please visit

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The Carer-Inclusive and Accommodating Organizations Workplace Standard (B701-17) and the Helping Worker-Carers in your Organization Implementation Guide (B701HB-18) helps employers create practical and effective workplace accommodations that address the stigma and challenges of worker-carers.
See the Carer-Inclusive Standard for Workplaces: B701-F17 – Carer-inclusive and accommodating organizations
English Standard | French Standard
And the accompanying Implementation Guide: B701HB-18 – Helping worker-carers in your organization
English Guide | French Guide