Thank You Tech Assistants and CHPCA Staff

CHPCA would like to give a special thanks to all the people who helped made CHPCA’s first-ever virtual event a huge success. Thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes! 

Thank you Technical Assistants!

A huge thank you to our technical assistants!

Meaghan Pinard
Anne-Marie Voyer
Robin Grossman
Lacie White
Sidhesh Jothilingham
Diane Laverty
Olga Nikolajev
Ayeshah Haque
Jennifer Holtslander
Dan Kaunisviita
Anmol Gupta

Thank you CHPCA Staff

Thank you CHPCA Staff for your dedication and hard work

Cheryl Spencer
Nicole Rickard
Aia Raafat
Ryley Garagan
Laureen Mignault
Laurel Gillespie
Michael Powell
Kelly Maclaren