National Hospice Palliative Care Week 2022: Living in Colour

May 1-7, 2022

At the heart of hospice palliative care lies the belief that every person deserves a vibrant and beautiful life, from beginning to end. If you are facing a life-limiting illness, it can feel like your world faded to shades of grey – hospice palliative care brings colour, peace, and joy back to your life in the ways that matter most to you and to your family.

How does hospice palliative care empower Canadians to Live in Colour? By fostering an environment of care, compassion, and comfort where each person and their family receives the support they want and need, so they can focus on embracing every moment life has to offer.

Just as there is more to life than physical health, there is more to hospice palliative care than pain and symptom management. A life is a work of art – created and coloured by our experiences, relationships, adventures, and importantly, through love. Those who have the privilege of working or volunteering in hospice palliative care dedicate themselves to providing each person the care they need across all aspects of their lives affected by illness, so they can enjoy Living in Colour, with vibrancy and meaning until their last breath.

This week, we celebrate the amazing care that hospice palliative care teams across Canada provide to our neighbours and families, empowering them to embrace life’s kaleidoscope of colours until the very end. The invaluable work of health care workers, volunteers, and carers of every stripe is crucial to the well-being and to the quality of life of those receiving hospice palliative care. On behalf of all Canadians, we say: Thank you for your compassion and for your dedication to each person you care for – the impact of your work is felt by individuals, families, loved ones, and across communities.

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How can you participate?

  • Share how hospice palliative care brought colour to your or a loved one’s life with the hashtag #LivingInColour and #NHPCW on social media.
    Your stories are powerful tools to educate and spread awareness of the value of hospice palliative care in your community.
  • Break out the crayons and markers to add your colours to the Living in Colour colouring pages & share your masterpiece with friends, family or on social media!
  • Join us for one of our events below (Details coming soon!)
  • Support or participate in a local Hike for Hospice fundraiser in your community. Find one in our event listings here!
  • Donate to show your support for CHPCA’s work to make hospice palliative care accessible for all Canadians
  • Contact your local Member of Parliament and join CHPCA and the Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC) in advocating for more financial support for the Action Plan and the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada, and increased funding for hospice palliative care research, including grief and bereavement.
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Let's change the conversation

This year, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) seeks to engage Canadians of all stripes to change the conversation around hospice palliative care. Contrary to popular belief, while death and dying are an intimate part of what we do, they are not what hospice palliative care is about. That’s why we are sharing its life-affirming message by celebrating the beauty and the joy that hospice palliative care can provide. The stigma around hospice palliative care is too often a barrier to people who could benefit from it – so let’s change the conversation together!


The Deeper Dive Into End-of-Life Soul Care and Art Therapy

In celebration of National Hospice Palliative Care Week, and in the spirit of #LivinginColour, CHPCA is excited to welcome Louise Lamothe, retired palliative care nurse and aspiring art therapist to share her experiences and perspectives on art therapy and palliative care.

After a thirty-five year career administering sacred care, Louise retired at the age of sixty and enjoyed retirement for five years before embarking on her next journey with Wheat Institute where she obtained her Expressive Art Therapy certificate and is now pursuing a two-year diploma in Indigenized Art Therapy

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