June Callwood

awarded posthumously

The legacy of June Callwood’s work and social activism has not been forgotten by the hospice palliative care community in Canada. For many years June Callwood was recognized as a renowned author, social activist, mentor and leader. She contributed to the founding of many social programs, not least of which was Casey House, a free-standing AIDS hospice in Toronto.

In the midst of the HIV epidemic in Toronto, June recognized the need for better end-of-life care for those dying of AIDS. In 1988, she founded Casey House Hospice, the first AIDS Hospice in Canada, and one of the first in the world. In founding Casey House, she used her skills to bring together government, AIDS community organizations, patients and families, philanthropists, hospitals and health care professionals. The CHPCA Board of Directors recognizes her vision and leadership within the hospice palliative care community in Canada.