Gerri Frager

The 2013 recipient of The Pediatric Palliative Care Award of Excellence goes to Dr. Gerri Frager, a role model, mentor, and compassionate leader in the field of Pediatric Palliative Care.

Dr. Frager began her career as a nurse, working for 9 years before deciding to pursue her medical degree at McMaster University.  Since that time Dr. Frager has filled a number of roles in pediatrics, including working as a consultant pediatrician in Newfoundland, Canada were she conducted fly-in clinics to coastal out-ports.  For the past 18 years, Dr. Frager has been the Medical Director of the Pediatric Palliative Care Service at the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre.  Dr Frager also serves as a Professor at Dalhousie University and the Director of the Medical Humanities-HEALS program at Dalhousie, which seeks to enhance Healing & Learning through the Arts and Life-Skills.

Dr. Frager’s list of accomplishments is lengthy, among them are:

  • Awarded the 2013 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for work in pediatric palliative care
  • Published numerous journal articles, book chapters, books reviews, resource materials, and curriculum developments throughout her career
  • Been involved in many research projects in the area of pediatric palliative care
  • Worked diligently to produce many presentations, and publications related to integration of the arts and humanities into clinical care, education, and research in her clinical work in Pediatric Palliative Care.

Dr. Frager’s hard work and dedication in pediatric palliative care have led those who have worked with her to value her compassionate caring nature.  She is often called a patient and understanding mentor; and is known for always being encouraging and supportive of colleagues, students, and patients alike.